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White House Image White House
Copyright Paul Gazda

This artwork is formed from many sepia toned photos of White House ruins in Canyon de Chelly, segmented and reformed in the central image. The tendrils permeating the rock suggest the many colors of the spirit of the former human inhabitants. These sacred lines of energy infiltrate the cliff and extend beyond into the broader cosmic context. Human hand imprints surround the cliff face, referencing the human hands that built the dwellings in harmony with the natural elements. The petroglyph designs amongst the hand imprints honor the symbols drawn by human hands in the rock to express the knowledge and mysteries of their time.

Giclee on canvas or photo paper.

40 x 32" canvas - $640
30 x 24" canvas - $360
20 x 16" canvas - $160
20 x 16" paper   - $130
15 x 12" paper   - $ 75
Note: Gazda Studios will show as the company name on PayPal pages.
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