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Timeline Image Timeline
Copyright Paul Gazda

At the center of Timeline is a large, sun-like computer disk, with two of Einstein's famous formulas inscribed in computer code. Its wire tendrils connect the past to the present, tying together our evolving perception of reality across the expanse of time. The wire mesh grid references the space-time continuum. Ancient petroglyphs and modern scientific symbols populate the bottom of the work. Is it coincidence that they are similar enough to be interchangeable? Or have we been seeking the same answers since time immemorial?

Giclee on canvas or photo paper.

28 x 40" canvas - $560
21 x 30" canvas - $320
14 x 20" canvas - $140
14 x 20" paper   - $120
Note: Gazda Studios will show as the company name on PayPal pages.
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