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Giclee Prints

Hale-Bopp Image Hale-Bopp
Copyright Paul Gazda

This work based on a photograph I took of the great Hale-Bopp comet of 1997. Six different prints of the same negative are merged together in the main body of the work, and four reverse images are merged in the upper wave-shaped band. The work suggests the existence of different levels of reality; some perceived, some not perceived, but all connected. The comet images, arranged like a graph on a grid, refer to scientific attempts to understand the universe that reveals itself to our senses.

Giclee on photo paper.

40 x 30" canvas - $600
32 x 24" canvas - $390
24 x 18" canvas - $220
24 x 18" paper   - $180
Note: Gazda Studios will show as the company name on PayPal pages.
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