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The American Ten Commandments

The American Ten Commandments pulls the teachings of popular culture out from "between the lines" and puts them in plain view. These teachings bombard us daily from television, movies, advertising, politics, sports, and even casual conversations. It is my hope that increased awareness of these subliminal teachings will make it easier to choose a more positive path, for knowledge gives us the power to choose.

To counteract the negative content of the commandments themselves, I use a double negative to make a positive. By placing the negative content of the commandments on cracked tablets sitting on crumbling supports, with the title sign decaying, I plant the seed of hope that these teachings are on shaky ground and may give way to something better.

These are the teachings of popular culture, The American Ten Commandments, as I see them.

I. Money is thy king which giveth thee dominion over all people. Thou shalt seek no other purpose but to accumulate its currency.

II. Thou shalt not give thanks for the bounty of the earth, nor for its living things which giveth of themselves to sustain thy life.

III. Remember to plunder the earth that thy children shall have nothing.

IV. Honor thy lawyer that thou may escape the consequences of thine evil deeds.

V. Remember to cheat in all things that thou may gain advantage over thy neighbor.
VI. Thou shalt not get caught.

VII.Thou shalt not speak the truth.

VIII. Thou shalt not get involved.

IX. Thou shalt not respect any life but thine own.

X. Thou shalt not be faithful to any stranger, nor to thy friends, nor to thy family, nor even to thy spouse, for thou art number one.
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