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Digital Self-Portrait

Digital Self-Portrait is an interactive self-portrait of the artist and the viewer. It features 60 CDs fastened shiny side up to a painted parabolic surface. Each CD contains a different digital camera portrait I took of myself in daily activities over the course of creating this artwork, with the image copied 300 times on the CD. In total, there are 18,000 images of myself presented to the viewer, but the viewer can only see him/herself reflected from the surface.

The parabolic surface magnifies the reflected image, and the individual CDs break it into many discrete facets, symbolizing the many facets of our lives. As the viewer moves in front of the artwork, the reflected image and the rainbow reflections from the CD surface undergo fascinating changes. The viewer is left to ponder the nature of our perception, the nature of light and the nature of self.

A DVD is available featuring Paul Gazda in his studio completing and talking about the artwork, plus a slide show of the 60 self-portraits from the artwork, accompanied by the artistís original musical composition. Order Digital Self-Portrait...the video by clicking the "Buy Now" button below.

Digital Self-Portrait Image Price: $15.00
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